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Grinder 4 parti

A grinder is an essential accessory for any true smoker, because it helps you save time and it's also easy to transport and use it anywhere. No doubt, once you use a grinder, your smoking experience will evolve to a superior level!

The most advanced type of grinder is the one with a 4-part design. The difference between a 3-part and a 4-part grinder is represented by a small chamber that collects the pollen that results after grinding your herb. This way, you are 100% sure that there is no waste and that you'll enjoy your herb mix to the fullest!

We offer you premium 4-part grinders produced by New Edge, Black Leaf, Kannastor, Thorinder, or Rasta. Place an order right now and we will deliver your package as soon as possible!

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Grinder 'Black Leaf' premium 4-parti Ø 63mm H 45mm

120,00 lei

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'BL' 'Rasta' Al.-Grinder 4-part

85,00 lei

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